Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kiss Me Coral

I wasn't always a lipstick girl, but heading into my mid twenties I realized I was too lazy to apply lip gloss every fifteen minutes, and that a coat of good lipstick would keep me prettier longer.  I've been loving slightly bright orange-y lipstick since this summer, but it wasn't until this post from Cup of Jo that spurred me on to trying it for myself.  They recommend  Nars lipstick in Heatwave (for $24, which I just can't bear to shell out for a trendy color I'm not sure of) but I scooped up Revlon's Kiss Me Coral instead, and I think it's perfect for what I wanted.  And $6 bucks, so.  It's not overwhelming, just kinda warm and casual and pretty and ideal for just slapping on everyday and wearing around.  Loud, poppy, but not over the top.  Easier to wear than my favorite femme fatale red, and quickly heading up the list of my new loves.  I was worried that it'd go terribly wrong, but I'm really glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to try something new out.

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