Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Build a Twin Reflex

I've wanted a twin reflex camera ever since I started nerdily delving into the world of vintage cameras and the twin reflex is no different.  They're cool because you hold them lower (instead of at eye level) and look down into the shot, which will show up exactly the same on the film.  You can get old ones and shoot your digital camera through them (Ttv), there's the Blackbird Fly, there's the mini digital Rollei but nothing was quite right. 

Today though, today was different.  Today I got an email from photojojo with their new goodies including the...wait for it....35 mm twin reflex camera kit.  For $20 bucks.  You just have to put all the tiny plastic pieces together by yourself.  It's going on my wish list for now, but I'm considering it for a treat in the near future.

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