Thursday, January 5, 2012

On Crafting Thoughtfully

A small goal I had for this new year was to quit stockpiling craft supplies and start using them, but not to start projects willy nilly.  The idea is to acquire more thoughtfully and to use thoughtfully, so I have fewer half-finished, half-baked projects I'm unhappy with cluttering up my workspace.

Hopefully this means less half-yard impulse purchases "just in case" when what I'd really be able to use was a couple yards to make a summer dress.  Or whatever.  I want to buy just what I love and plan a project for it, instead of trying to cobble together a project out of my stash, matching thread and zippers and fabric, running out last second for interfacing or a matching button....I know this will be a challenge, since I am prone, like many crafters, to hoarding pretty things for a future day when I will turn them into the perfect thing. 

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