Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Holga Update

I found out today that my favorite local grocery store does one hour film developing. In addition to having a branch of my bank. And their deli sells soft serve ice cream cones, the smallest of which is .61 cents and more ice cream than a grown person should eat, even while walking around grocery shopping for an hour while their film is being developed. Hello, convenience! Summation: favorite grocery store just got better.

Anyywhooo, here's the roll of film I picked up today, from out of the holga.

1) Profile of the face book sculpture in The Salt Lake City Library, which is a rad building. * Clearly the plastic cam can't handle it's low light, but you can kind tell that there's a nose in there.

2) Building.
3) Building. Apparently I'm an architectural details nerd.

4) Family of ducks cowering in the mall parking lot. I had a pretty nuanced freak out about this since there's no water of any kind around and busy roads surrounding, and I was like, where they heck are they even going to go?! Vowed to walk into mall, return my pants, and call animal control three seconds later when I walked out. Literally five minutes later there was an animal control dude there scooping them up because someone else called them first, and I was super glad.

5) Oil painting in a Salt Lake City library. That is a dude in a leisure suit, my friends, and someone took the time to paint that. Notice the sign on the bottom right of the railing? "Quiet, please." Excellent stuff here.

*Salt Lake City Main Library. Not for those with vertigo.

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