Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Update

1) pic: eggs in my kitchen, courtesy of roomie.

2) I'm really into wide, turban-y headbands right now. I'm considering a line of tiny print floral ones for summer and corduroy and velvet ones for winter. This pink prototype is the forerunner, unless I totally lose steam I should have a bunch up in the etsy shop in the nearby future.

3) New bangs, new hair girl. Not recommended. Have a working theory that finding a hair stylist is akin to other serious life decisions like finding a house to live in for the next 30-50 years or a car or which college to attend. You have a leaky roof? Fix it. You have choppy, uneven bangs? suck it up until it grows out. Sigh. Serious stuff, this.

4) To any sisters reading this who were expecting a summer dress, I swear I'm looking into it and not just procrastinating, wide headband style. That much.

5) I accidentally dumped some size 11 seed beads into my keyboard the other day, and no amount of blowing or shaking can get the last one out, which inevitably seems to be dwelling near my left shift or e key and making them unusable. I'm hoping to crush it in the next few days, it's frustrating the buhjeebus out of me.

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  1. I see.
    I'm assuming I'm the sister you're talking about?