Sunday, February 6, 2011

Passive Solar Greenhouse

I'm reading Food, Inc., and that started me in on wanting to grow and store all my own food again. Which brought me to the ridiculous growing season here. Which brought me to a permanent greenhouse, the kind that stores its rainfall and uses gravity fed soaking hoses and solar fans to maintain a year-round growing season. I want one. Also, fruit trees. And chickens. Check out this rad geodesic dome greenhouse on treehugger.

On a related note, a friend of mine in Salt Lake is making noises about starting a canning co-op with some friends. Everyone contributes supplies, equipment and help, and split the bounty. Genius! We twentysomethings don't have room or reason for a massive food supply of home canned goodies, but I could sure split a batch and the work with some peeps.


  1. She also promised me free vegetables this summer.

  2. I almost don't care if it happens or not, because I know enough housewives to just do it here. This is the summer I start canning and bottling stuff.