Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Should Open a Cupcake Shop

These two sisters opened up a vintage clothing/housewares slash sweets shop. Yes, you can buy a cupcake and a vintage pair of shoes or dress in the same place. Right?

There's already a cupcake place in town but while their frosting is heavenly, it's a generally accepted fact that their cake itself is weirdly dense and chewy. You can't get by on frosting alone, people, and your bamboo flooring is distractingly badly laid.

I have a sister that bakes, and I know we can do better. (hint, hint) I'm already composing a list of cake and frosting flavors, and we could do birthday parties and matching cupcake liners/stands for weddings, and cute rentals and sell retro aprons. We could call it....Half Baked. C'mon, I'm a genius. I even have a location picked out. Who wants to invest?


  1. Are you talking about me? Apparently Dave just made a mess of money, maybe he'd invest.

  2. I went to that other cupcake shop once, and thought the cake was nasty - just as you described. But when I've told other people what I thought they treated me as if I had blasphemed. Apparently a lot of people can't recognize good cake, right? I love your idea! If I had a bunch 'o money I would totally invest.