Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I want...

I'm home dizzy today (did anyone watch Arrested Development? I'm weirdly all vertigo-y, a la Liza Minelli) so here's a random list of things I'm thinking about as I sea-sickly try to wander through my day.

I want....one of those little record players that close up in their own suitcase, and a stack of vinyl. Pic from here. (This blog also makes me want all of her daughter's amazing thrifted vintage clothing. Must remember to check for awesome vintage kid's clothing to resell on etsy...)

I just bought....this cheapie lens adapter-It's supposed to do wide angle and macro and it just screws on. I'd been resisting, but an etsy sale for just over the amount I'd need came in this morning and so I used it as an excuse to treat myself. I'm hoping I love it.

I love....bubble tea. There's a new place in town that sells them and I'm having a craving.

I'd forgotten....the difference in color between film and digital prints. It's just different, and better. I'll take a clunky manual focus camera over a teeny sleek infinite auto focus point and shoot any day.

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