Monday, December 27, 2010

Built By Wendy Dresses

Look what came to live with me this holiday! It was a toss up between this and the knits book, which I still may pick up for myself. I haven't had time to make anything yet, but I've read the entire thing and pulled out the patterns, started dreaming about projects. Can't wait for the serger to come back from the doctor (ran over a pin on my last seam during the halloween crunch and has been out sick ever since) so I can jump in again.

They're perfect for me because they provide a starting point and hints for changes, but if you need a little help with your construction and detailing, maybe another book would be better. Anyway, I like the ideas, the tips on altering patterns, and the sketches thrown in. (a huge point of contention in the reviews is that there's no photos of finished dresses in the book, only sketches of ideas. I of course, just want the inspiration and blank slate so it's ideal for moi.)

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  1. I'm like you - I don't need photos, just give me the pattern and idea suggestions and I'm good to go! I found the knits book on clearance at my local B&N, so you may want to give that a shot. I don't have this one, but would like it. I love dresses!! Have fun :-)