Thursday, March 18, 2010

And More on Beds

This bed from Pier 1 is a serious contender for my "someday I will have grown up furniture instead of a mattress on the floor surrounded by the sad facade of what was once an Ikea bed" fund.

(this is still happening. I was about in tears about an iron headboard, foot board, and rails at the thrift store yesterday for $75 dollars, except it was a full. Don't think I didn't consider selling my mattress, friends. I'm going to find the perfect bed to spend my life with, if it continues to take forever.)

If I hadn't bought myself my camera (which is to say, if I hadn't adopted my firstborn child) this would have been the next runner up for that money.


  1. Oh snap. I love that bed x 100,000,000.

  2. oooooh that is a lovely bed. You have much more restraint than I do - I would totally have swapped my mattress.