Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bed, More or Less Resolved

So with beds on the mind, I set out to my trusty local thrift store. Where there was nothing awesome in a queen size. So I did what any sensible person would do, and wrestled a heavy metal frame into my car (for $10), wrangled my queen size mattress and box springs, and got my bed off the floor and into normalcy.

I'm not certain why I waited so long, since it kinda changed my life. (Lie: I waited so long because I was holding out for perfection instead of something practical. This is probably a personality flaw.) I can store stuff under it! Vacuum around it! Not have to bend completely in half to get down to where my bed is! I do miss having a headboard, and I feel like my pillows are going to start sneaking down into the wall crack, but now I can continue a leisurely perfect bed search, and have rails if I do end up finding something. whee


  1. Tiff and I still don't have a headboard. We've been on rails for going on 9 years now. Somehow, it's never really bugged either of us.