Friday, January 15, 2010

If you're my brother, you could probably skip this post

Or... "The Leg Hair Chronicles"

I got into a psuedo-hippie psuedo-argument about leg shaving today. I mentioned that I waxed my legs, and it was refuted that all the true hippies are dead and that any version of hippies currently are "hipsters." I say "urban hippie," you say "hipster." Whatever. That said, I'm on whatever side favors eco friendliness and socially accepted grooming habits.

So in favor of that, I started waxing my legs, the idea being that you didn't have to do it as often, and you wouldn't be wasting water as well as razor blades and shaving goo. The downside is the grow back period (furry!) which is fine in the winter and deuced inconvenient in the summertime. (skirts!)

Later, there was an ill-fated bout of trying to sugar my legs, using an online homeade recipe, to lessen the chemical influence waxing. It didn't work for me at all. Maybe it would be different if I went to a salon to have it professionally done, but I'd like to minimize the people that see my legs with their full coat of waxable winter fur. Or maybe I didn't get the sugar mix to the right temperature and need to invest in a candy thermometer. Regardless, I'm done with that experiment. So.

Someone in a sugar waxing forum mentioned an epilator, so I went out and read every review on Amazon about them, and then bought one, and that's what's going to work for me until the day I have every stray hair on me lazered off.

It's electric, and a one time investment. Different than waxing, where instead of quick burst of painful hair yanking, this little machine yanks every hair out as it comes to it, one at a time, which was an adjustment. But I can go over it again after a couple days or so instead of having to wait for everything to grow back out, so that's more convenient. I have to be careful to exfoliate, (same as waxing, or whatever) but otherwise I love it.

And thus ends the leg fur chronicles. Sorry, blood relations, if that was TMI.


  1. I think Aurora uses an epilator as well. I've thought about investing in one, but can't decide if I care that much lol I never have time to wear skirts anyways, so shaving my legs like once a week isn't too bad.

  2. I love that the title addresses exactly one person in the world. I'm a narcissist.

  3. In-ter-es-ting. I am also definitely going for laser hair removal when I stop being a poor student, but in the meanwhile I have been experimenting with various methods as well. I bought a DIY waxing kit - THAT was a mistake - I chickened out and couldn't pull off the strip... I think I need a tough, hardhearted esthetician to do that!!

  4. @Victoria- I keep hearing these stories from people, hilarious! I'm always motivated by the fact that if I Don't do it, someone will see my gross legs. So.

  5. And did you read it anyway, Trev?