Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not Spending for a Month

I was curious about this article, and considering trying to talk my husband (the perpetual hard sell) into trying this with me.

In a mildly related way, see The Uniform Project, where she's wearing the same dress everyday for a year (she has 7, one for each day of the week, I totally checked) to raise funds and awareness for uniforms and educational expenses of indian children. The blog talks about sustainable fashion and our consumerist habits. (on a totally frivolous level, you can check out what she's worn so far, and I'm boggled. You can't even tell it's the same basic dress in there, and she always looks pulled together. I'd like her to take a crack at styling me any day.)

Back on topic, here's an article full of helpful advice I'd like to take about being happy not spending money. It's basically a list of sneaky tricks to wean (or at least make you reconsider) you of your spending habits. Love it!


  1. Great articles! I'm seriously considering no spending in Feb. It'll take every ounce of my will power. Which would be very good for me.

    I wish me wearing the same hideous jeans and/or dress everyday counted as something cool! In my case, I'm just lame.

  2. I'm now obsessed with The Uniform Project. Also, I should apologize for the hipster vs. hippie argument, which was probably uncalled for, especially since the topic under discussion was leg hair... Though I did enjoy the post.