Saturday, November 28, 2009

Plastic Camera

Turns out you can get the plastic camera I've talked about here and here online at Urbanoutfitters. So thanks, Urban, for ruining my street cred. It came in pieces and I had some anxiety about losing or snapping the tiny plastic pieces, but was charmed by the idea of assembling the thing. (It was fine until I dropped it about the second day I had it, and broke the latch on the very back, exposing my roll of film. Now I keep it together with green electic tape. Maybe someday I'll upgrade to a rubber band.) So, for durability maybe you wouldn't want to invest in a $28 dollar plastic camera, but it's really lightweight and I sort of love the look without having to put anything into photoshop and add the effects I want to it. What I'm saying is for me it's worth it, and fun.

You can also get one of these there, and I want one after seeing it in action on Thanksgiving. So maybe instead of growing up to be a crazy cat lady, I'm turning into someone that hoards cameras of all kinds.

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