Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It's going to be a fantasy-filled, retro-riffic stretch of movies, and this is the list of what I'm excited out of my mind to see:

1) The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (also the final role of the terribly lovely Heath Ledger, who was seriously hitting his prime)

2) New Moon, the Twilight Series. (I can't help myself)

3) Sherlock Holmes (both this and Parnassus have sexy Jude Law, hawt!)

4) Alice in Wonderland (Not until March, so still an eternity away. This and Parnassus have Johnny Depp. Thanks for getting around, you attractive, attractive men)


  1. Alice in Wonderland looks amazing! I haven't gotten into the Twilight series - one day I'll watch them for fun when they're all out. Good picks!

  2. Yesss!!! I am so excited for all of these, too! So so excited! (Amen on the Jude Law and Johnny. And Heath!...and...Robert. Teehee)

    We should all (the girls, obviously) go see New Moon when I'm up for Thanksgiving. I'm sure it'll be the 2nd time for all of us. :D