Thursday, October 8, 2009


This photographer recently emailed inquiring if I'd be interested in sending them a hairpiece to be featured in a photo shoot. The exchange went vaguely* like this:

"Hello, I'm a terribly gifted photographer, doing vintage styled shoots, and your hairpieces aren't crap. Want some professional photos of them and maybe I'll get that shoot onto a blog that happens to love me and use my work often?"

and my reply went a little something like this, "Please, please please, yes please, ye gods. Take whatever you want, no really, omg. Please." Because seriously, who wouldn't want awesome photos of their work.

So the piece they're interested in is all packed up and ready to be sent out tomorrow, they said the shoot would be taking place sometime in early November, so I'll keep you informed if they end up using it after all. Either way, spend some time browsing around the site and I promise your brain will get blown with stylishness and crazy awesome beautiful photography. No really. GO do that right now.

Photo stolen from the photo shoot I'm so obsessed with I can't even think straight here.

*The email was probably a little more professional than this on both ends, but I took some artistic liberties with the dialogue.


  1. Holy crap. I want to live inside his photography. That will be so amazing if he uses your veil in a shoot!

    You should link John to this guy. It looks like the style that Iris and Light is doing.