Friday, October 23, 2009

Expensive Bed Picks

If money were no object, which it most definitely is, these are the beds I'd want:

The italian canopy bed, from Anthropologie. That being said, queen sized is $1,698 with $250 to ship. That is more than I paid for my car people, five years ago.

(Aside: I always compare big ticket purchases to my car. I consider my car an excellent investment, since that crafty four wheeled devil has been running basically stress free with practically no maintanence for five years now. It is dinged, rusted in spots and the paint is coming off, but I adore it and he's been good to me. The point is, I always consider how long something is going to last me when I'm spending that much on it. I would have to love this bed from now until forever for it to be worth it to just up and drop that kind of money.)

The leafy four poster bed is from etsy and priced at $9,600 with an additional $2,825 to ship from Helsinki to the US. But divine. And my husband would totally love to be living in a fairy tale wonderland with all these romantic beds....Er.

Finally, I'm including the velvet tufted headboards (I like the aubergine best) from urban outfitters, not because they're terribly out of reach ($300+ $35 for shipping seems totally reasonable after considering shipping from Helisinki) but because they're velvet and we own two cats and I don't want to have to vaccumn my headboard all the time to keep it look its best. I'd considered this originally when we got the Ikea bed, and don't think I'm not kicking myself a little bit for that now.

Anywho, we're hitting a yard sale at an abandoned roller rink tomorrow morning (we peeked in the other day when they happened to be there unloading some stuff and spotted a great low midcentury dresser and some other cool things) and we're hoping that among all the harvest gold appliances and floral mattresses there'll be a retro bed frame in there for us. I'll let ya know if we find anything.


  1. Wow, that forest bed is amazing!! But yes... it would take a very tolerant (or blind) co-habitator to accept that - I don't think my boyfriend would go for that either. :o)

  2. Ya know, your Aunty Lewaina made her headboard, out of old doors. You could do that.....or something similar.

  3. Dang that bed is incredible! I think John would totally go for it. Seriously. If not for the price, that is.!

    Good luck at the yard sale!!! I really hope you find something perfect.