Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I've been scouting out for a typewriter for ages and despite having no need for more vintage objects, couldn't resist this little fellow at the thrift store today. For $5 dollars. It's in perfectly lovely working condition*, and in it's own carrying case. Best. Find. Ever. (folks in the area, they had another one in nice condition for the same price with a case, but I didn't need two, even if they were cheap, and this one was cuter)

I'm also thinking that this lovely brownie-burgundy color would work rather nicely either as a decorative element for my sister's wedding, or as a guestbook option.

*I have a friend who collects typewriters, (no really), and I called him from the thrift store for a consultation and advice, and he assured me that this would be a good purchase. He will be lubing the few sticky keys and putting a new ribbon in there, but that's all my little champ of a typewriter needs. Eeee.

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  1. Give that to me.

    John shot a wedding recently that used a typewriter for the guestbook. I think that's so adorable.