Wednesday, February 4, 2009

an introduction

Some random facts about myself. Skip this if you're bored, and I'm sorry.

1. I shorten my resume considerably when I hand it out, giving only my last three "normal" jobs. The things that I've done over the years and left off include: the summer I turned 16 I worked as a peasant at a medieval living history museum-swords, armor, the works. The summer I turned 19? I was at an incredibly remote fishing lodge in Alaska, dishwashing. (These mushrooms are from there. I was obsessed with the mushrooms there.) Then, a summer selling tickets for a historical reperatory theatre, and I sometimes still help out on the costume crew for the theatre my husband works at. One summer I delivered pizzas and totalled my car. One season at a department store photo studio. A bead store for three years. Two days frosting donuts early hours for a grocery store. A summer selling snow cones at a snow shack. Six months at a pastry shoppe. Seven months at a florist. Three years at a mall job selling bath and body products. I get embarrassed by how random and non-related my work experience is. I figure I've had a new job about every six months since I was 16.

2. I used to wear color. In recent years I've switched almost exclusively to black with dark jeans. Sometimes I wear other neutrals: dark brown, white, navy blue, but hardly a pattern and no logos ever. I don't wear sweatshirts, preferring sweaters or cardigans or blazers. I believe in nice shoes and nice bags and scarves. I don't own a pair of sneakers, other than my 5 year old black low top chuck taylors, which have bleach on them from the summer in alaska, and black paint on them from painting the stage at the theatre. The rest of my shoe wardrobe is divided between flats with embellished toes or retro-style heels.

3. I've always gotten along with boys, and always with people older than myself. Put me in a room with my age group or the middle aged and I will always pick the room of people that could have raised me.

4. My closest sibling is my sister who is five years older than me and practically raised me. I'm pretty sure she's the reason I think I'm older than I actually am.

5. Bedsheets should be the highest thread count on the planet, brightly colored and patterned. This is a bit of a problem, since you can find 1.5 million thread count egyptian cotton in hotel white, but not in flaming pink. Also, having a queen sized bed makes this harder. I've considered more than once getting my husband and I matching twin beds (like a 50's sitcom couple) and putting crazy juvenile sheets on them, despite their abysmal thread count. I'm also a fan of mixed patterns on the bed, and on gay men. Additionally, I sleep under a down comforter all year long. The same weight, and I only add a quilt during the winter time. They're magic. They are downright the most wonderful thing ever.

6. I can't go into a grocery store without looking at the flower section. I don't know what I'm expecting to see there besides the bunches of baby's breath, dead roses and dyed mums, but I always look anyway. And then I have to rant to my husband about how I could spend that much wholesale and get nicer flowers anyway, so it's not like I ever buy them. It's another one of my unhealthy habits.

7. ....Like the nail biting. If they're painted, they're safe until they chip at which point all hell breaks loose and I start scraping off the paint and chewing them down again. I've tried quitting.

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