Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year

In honor of the fresh new year, I am making some goals for the days that lay before me.

First, the semi-professional goals:
1) get some kind of professional training. College, beauty school, pastry cheffery. Something.
2) get a steady dayjob. Fun as it is to be terrified that something bad will happen to me (tires bursting, medical emergencies, the like) and that I can't pay for it, I'd really like to be able to just pay my bills again, and have some left over to start paying off my credit card.

Etsy goals:
1) snag a treasury, be featured in a treasury, and get a treasury front page
2) be In a front page treasury
3) be a featured seller, or a quit your dayjob
4) pay my rent from my etsy sales
5) start selling my etsy wares at the local farmer's market again, with a swank new setup.

1) visit/live in another country
2) learn a new language
3) travel someplace by train
4) take a dance class
5) run away with gyspies

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