Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It is 11:41 on christmas eve, and I am finished of all the last of the wrapping, bagging up of wiry paperwhite bulbs, fringing of afgahns.....Whew. I'm done. Now I can hopefully just sit back and enjoy. If I'm on my game tomorrow morning, I'll take pictures of the finished projects, and their recipients hopefully loving them.

My husband is in the kitchen making ebelskievers, which is a family tradition. For our wedding in August, the family gave us the family recipe for this and a specialized pan which I will continue to store for the single day a year that we will consume these small puffy puffs. Can I tell you? Retail ruins holidays, and this one has been no exception for me, but now at home with the cold on the outside and my husband, cats, handmade gifts and warm deliciousness on the stove on the inside, it feels like a holiday finally. Bliss.

*A word on the ebelskievers, since I had never heard of them, or consumed them before in my life.

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