Sunday, December 21, 2008

Paper Flowers

Insomnia from never working and keeping an odd schedule is just as good as any excuse to try a new project, and that is why I ended up making these. I found the tutorial online and after my husband was snoring away in another room, I tried to find something I could do with my hands that would be quieter than running my sewing machine, or bowling in the kitchen. The picture on their site is airy and wonderful, and quite a bit more lush than the bouquet I made, but the effect is similar. Being a retired florist, I happened to have wire and floral tape on hand and it helped a little with my floral 'homesickness.' I think something like this would be quite cute in a thrift shop vase an an inexpensive (but time consuming!) thinking of you or get well soon or I love you -type gesture.

tutorial here

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