Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wooly Mammoth

I'm moving in approximately 2.5 weeks, and this weekend was in search of a place.  It was traumatic.  Found a place, and in the process gave a total stranger every piece of critical information she'd need to ruin my life if she wanted.  (At the end of the document/information demands, I couldn't conceive of a single other thing she could possible want, or need. Save my firstborn or a kindney.)

Clearly, this is a person who should've been on board managing loans during the mortgage bubble.  She called every reference.  She scrutinized.  She emailed and texted repeatedly requesting clarification and more information all while making barbed references to the credit and back round checks.  Squeaky clean past and excellent references won.  Move in can start this saturday.  There's three square planting boxes in the backyard, and the teeniest most badly set up kitchen ever.

In celebration, I bought this rug at a thrift store.  It's wool.  (Confirmed after setting some on fire.)  It's crazily patterned and in a delightfully retro combination of cream, brown, avacado and mustard.  It may be too big to fit in the biggest room in that new apartment.  I'm  pretty sure (due to the wisdom of the internets) that it is both vintage, and handmade. The middle is a bit worn but the outside is crazy plush.  Get excited for your new home, crazy rug.

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