Monday, September 13, 2010

L'oreal Collagen Mascara

If you're bored by makeup, now would be a good time to bail. Theses people aren't paying me (though they could if they wanted to, you L'Oreal people out there listening?) but I feel like this falls into the public service category: I'd be doing you and your eyelashes a disservice by not mentioning this. I'm not kidding. Mascara is serious business, folks.

All right? For the rest of us folks, say hello to your new favorite mascara. I was in between tubes, looking for my next fix, when I serendipitously stumbled across this post, where she uses the phrases "sea fan" and "un-natural and bombshell." Hello, retro eyes!

For a paltry $6 dollars, I brought this home, put it on my eyelashes, and considered starting to stockpile. Bam! I suddenly had lush, luscious lashes. It washes off cleanly, doesn't smudge, but lasts all day. It's the perfect mascara, people. They've made it. You can buy it, for the same price as a fancy-pants Starbucks latte, you too could have giant, fringed doe eyes every morning. I've started forgoing eyeshadow and just going crazy with cat-eye liquid eyeliner and a single luxurious coat of this alchemical miracle in a tube.

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