Friday, July 30, 2010

Vintage Schwinn

I accidentally impulse purchased a vintage schwinn for $15 dollars at the thrift store the other day. Someone else was looking at it, and I was about bent in half, rubber necking as I tried to nonchalantly walk past, but hoping that they'd leave it behind. They did, and I rode it out of there.

It's got gears and working brakes and little fenders and is altogether about 50lbs lighter than the bike I've been riding. The back tire had gotten tweaked and kept catching and stopping everything altogether, but that took just a little bit of adjustment for the most delightful cheap bike I've ever owned.

There's a bit of rust and a few dents, so perhaps in the future I'll paint it white, with minty rims. Or perhaps I need this adorable bell. And probably this helmet. And how chic is this tiny pump? For now I love the little leather seat and the old decals.

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