Friday, January 22, 2010

The Armpit Update

Love this recipe. I may never buy traditional antiperspirant ever again. My little hippie heart is so happy. I want to make another batch for summer (in months, when I run this one out, whee!) scented with grapefruit (my favorite) and invest in a proper tube for applying. (current batch ended up in one of my various milk glass containers with a popsicle stick, after the plastic receptacle I started pouring into melted and gave out. eek!)

Maybe I smell, but so far I'm pleased. (or oblivious?) Fortunately, I can run this test while my husband is working out of town, and am only subjecting the cats and folks I force snuggle (you know who you are) to the possibility of proximity funk.

In like a year, when I get around to making my third batch, I want to try these. Cheers!

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  1. i love that i found your blog! I saw a comment you posted on east side bride. you might not remember me but i bought a fascinator from you for my wedding this summer. thanks again!