Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bake it Pretty Owns my Next Paycheck

This is the whole list of other things I tried to convince myself I should get with the skully bento box to save myself shipping. To start with: crazy awesome damask cupcake liners. There are also polka dots. Dots, people. Also stripes, florals, and really really bright colors.

Follow that with some tall skinny candles in an assortment of colors. There's also polka dot candles. No really. Polka dots. This means that you could have polka dot liners and candles. Yeah. Add some big round sprinkles on top and you know what you have? Spotted awesome.

I don't have a cupcake style tip to make fancy cupcake frosting tops, so I want one of these, and a great big pastry bag.

Then there's all kinds of cute retro-ey packaging, party favors, and things that I have no idea how to use, but I just want. Like these patterned twist ties, striped paper straws, and every color of the sugar sprinkles. I especially like how their photo is bright yellow frosting with bright turquoise sugar-hawt.

1 comment:

  1. I have bought stuff from them before, and its all so cute! Their supplies give me an excuse to throw a party.