Sunday, June 28, 2009

Plank Tiles

While watching a diy design show the other day featuring a kitchen remodel, they used this really great tile unlike anything I've ever seen before. They were rectangular, pretty oversized, about six inches wide and 18 long, and a really great matte pewtery grey, soo so modern and clean and linear and interesting.

Needless to say, I'm in love. But, in my googling to find something similar, I only turn up faux wood ceramic tiles which sent me in a totally different direction. Now, don't judge by this photo, but it's kind of a neat idea. They don't warp, you don't have to refinish them, they're fire resistant, they're not dead trees.....see? a little intriguing, no?

Anyway, the point is moot, seeing as I live in a rental, so I'll just have to harbor some unrequited tile love until I get myself settled into a home of my own.

faux wood ceramic tiles found here


  1. Don't discount the dead trees!

  2. I wasn't slighting wood floors in the least, and am totally in love with the quirkiness of those floors. Cool link.