Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free Chair!

Not that I normally scavenge chairs on the weekend, but as I was driving home from work on sunday, I passed this chair on the roadside. Since no furniture acquisition is complete without a consultation from my opinionated husband, Mr. Cupcake and I swung back around for a visit, deciding finally to leave it and come back after nightfall (when most people would be putting out their trash can's for the next morning collection) to see if it was still sitting there. Hours later, we came back for it and scooped it up and into my little car's backseat.

*Later, we figured the reason it was out there was because it happens to have no back support and is utterly uncomfortable. But it swivels, and it was free, and is adorable, and matched the pillows I made out of Ikea fabric. I'm going to have Mr. Cupcake take a look at the base to see if he can alter the fully backward lean it's rocking currently which would decidedly alter the chair's future in our life.


  1. That chair really is cute. If it can't be made comfortable, just keep it to look at and offer it as seating for guests whom you don't want to stay too long ;-)

  2. LOVE it, love that is was free love the color! I just love it!