Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Things I'm OBSESSED With

Vintage luggage.

The very top little train case was a christmas gift from my new littlest sister in law (aged 15) who gave me this and packed carefully inside was a vintage owl necklace. If that's not the best gift a girl can ask for, I don't know what is. And at 15, I know for sure I wasn't that kind of amazing gift giving diva. But I digress.

She was with me at one of the two antique stores I frequent here when I stumbled across this little set. The most expensive piece (I left two behind, alas) was $16 bucks. A steal! They're in incredible condition, stain and tear free, only barely worn, all the keys inside. Samsonite. I was in agony, considering my finances, and it was only days before the holiday and I felt guilty spending money on me when I should have been scrimping for stocking stuffers for my husband. Lo and behold, come christmas morning, there it was, perched daintily aside all of our gifts from the family, and it has the most delious old smell inside. Not like thrift store, but the way all vintage things should smell, a little dusty, but warm and musky, like fine pipe tobacco and faintly of perfume.

I used my christmas money just after that to snag myself the other two pieces so I have a beautiful old set of luggage of my own. Now I have to take a train somewhere. I'm also considering using them as part of my swank setup when I sell my tickled stuff at the farmer's market this summer.

p.s.- Just looked up the amtrack luggage policies. I may never fly again. Two pieces of carry on luggage, plus a laptop or purse, and three pieces of checked luggage, for free. Additional checked bags at $10 each. No, seriously.

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