Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It's been radio silent over here for the last couple weeks, unintentionally, due to my laptop (a hand me down, replacing my real laptop over two years ago) kicking the bucket unexpectedly.  I did everything from my iphone since it's a mini laptop anyways, but was pretty sure that my spelling was going quickly downhill (

So, my boyfriend brought me his giant mac desktop and magic mouse and wireless keyboard and I've been re-learning how to run a different computer and quickly getting spoiled by it and it's enormous screen.  I was considering replacing the laptop with an ipad, but now I'm considering keeping this computer forever.  But I'll be in school again in the fall and will need some sort of portable computing/designing device for all my arty classes.

Anywho, the dearest hope to my impoverished little heart is that my boyfriends wonderfully nerdy roomate  can take either of the two dead laptops I threw into his lap and make one of them work.  (My much nicer one, pretty please.)  And then I won't have to buy any electronic devices, even the incredibly attractive ipad one.

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