Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Checking In

Today was one of those super-satisfying days off where I started without a plan and ended up with three washed, dried, folded and put away loads of laundry, a giant closet/dresser purge and then by-color reorganization, and some reading, cooking and lovely other day-off tidbits thrown in. (also: closet organized by color may have just changed my life.  You can see everything-including the ridiculous amount of black clothing you own-and find a specific item in a flash.  It makes your closet look so tidy and stylish!) 

While I was in the middle of my closet purge, I realized I had a couple pairs of abandoned, not-favorite jeans that look great on my sexy backside, but have weird hems.  Two pairs got skinnified today using this basic tutorial from  homeade ginger, and I may just turn all my stubby bootcut jeans into skinny jeans a pair at a time now.  Such a difference!

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