Saturday, December 3, 2011

Excellent Internet Tip

There are three blenders in my house.  No, we're not margarita making fools.  One is mine, one my roomate's, and one was callously abandoned here by the dudes that lived here before.  (Along with a fifty pound bag of rice, 20 bars of dove soap, and many jumbo sized cleaning products.  There is stuff I've been using since I moved in nearly two years ago that I haven't even dented yet.  Apparently the dudes who lived here before belonged to Sam's Club, or believed in hoarding,  but that is neither here nor there.)

That said, there is a negligible amount of blendering happening in this house.  For a long time, the appliance of the day was my old-new-to-me juicer,  but I'm starting to appreciate how much stuff you can throw into a blender and drink.  Spinach, for instance, you can throw into anything you want to turn bright green and chewy and drink (?) it, which I could not do with my juicer.

So my new favorite found-on-the-internet-tip is that you can use the base from your blender, twist on a regular old mason jar, and use that to blender anything into drinkable tastiness. Then you turn it right side up, remove the base, and pop in a straw and drink out of your mason jar.  No lid or giant blender pitcher to clean, just rinse off the blender base.  Like a magic bullet!  Except more awesome. 

from real simple, via pinterest

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  1. I made a protein smoothie yesterday morning and got the blade part of my bullet blender stuck on the base. It sat there til about ten pm when rob finally got it off, and then he left the failed smoothie in the sink all night. massive fail. i really wanted that smoothie.