Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Olympus Pen-ee

So I stopped in at a thrift store today, and stumbled on this sweet little camera.  The viewfinder was bright, the shutter worked, the winder worked, and I figured, hey, if worst comes to worst,  it'll be an adorable addition to my collection. The body itself is in great condition, with a few scuffs, the weight is great in my hand, and it appears to be the perfect size to throw in my bag and carry everywhere if it does work.

It feels like there's film in it, so I carefully wind it up, and then struggle to figure out how to pop the back.  I google it, find a manual, and it comes apart into two pieces in my hand, different than any other camera I've ever used. Inside is a vintage roll of kodachrome slide film.  Slides!  I was planning on just developing the roll of film inside, but I don't even know if I can.  Not only that, it's a 35 mm camera, which takes half frame  pictures.  So on a 24 exposure roll, I will have 48 photos.  Awesome, right? 

So I'm thrilled to pieces with my newest find, and I'm dying for it to work.  I'm going to shoot a roll, and report back.  Whee! 

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