Monday, October 24, 2011

Mini Donut Pan

I've been going through a donut phase which is problematic since I don't want greasy, fluffy fried ones from the grocery store.  I want dense, cakey, spicy baked donuts.  Robust!  Crumby!  To get my fix, I've settled on really tasty ones....from Whole hour and half away. Except sometimes they run out.  And they're $1.99.  Each!  (Remember the macaron fixation last year?  My town apparently doesn't believe in specialty baked goods, sigh.)

So a mini donut pan is winging its way from Amazon to my house, and when it comes, this is the first batch going into that puppy.  Pumpkin donuts with cinnamon glaze, get into my belly! I'm considering giving up my regular oatmeal and fruit or greek yogurt for breakfast in favor of donuts.  Forever.

photo from her blog.

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