Friday, October 7, 2011

Filing Cabinet Planter

Saw this idea online a while back and ding! the light went on. I've been wanting to build raised beds or planters around the porch of this house, but didn't want to spent a lot on them. You can pick up a filing cabinet at the thrift store here for $5 or $10 bucks, tip the thing over, fill it with dirt and voila! modern square planter for next to nothing.

I'm kinda hoping to make this happen this weekend since the buddy of mine I rent the house from is returning to town and I would like him to believe that I'm taking care of the place instead of dreadfully neglecting it like I have been. (ha, ha)

In other news, I did end up painting my bedroom and then throwing it back together in a weekend, and it's been shambles ever since. (I made a curtain to go with the new color/theme, and only got that far, so one window has the old kistchy patchwork curtain and the one right next to it is the new one. Whoops.) I'm planning on making time to reorganize and touch up and frame some art for over the bed and sort out the curtain debacle and then I'll photograph the finished project for ya'll to see, promise.

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