Thursday, September 8, 2011

Update: Curtains, Sofa Pics, Frames

So here's some pics of the newly updated living room. There's new patterned curtains ($15 from Ikea) of the most adorable line drawn birdy/branch print, and the obviously crooked assortment of thrift store frames slung haphazardly over the (marroon? mauve? pinkish....) sofa. Under consideration is painting them white, and also using a level to get the entire grouping hung correctly.

Yes that is a sombrero on my couch, and an alligator head on top of the (hulkingly overlarge and in the process of being gotten rid of and downsized to something more room-appropriate and probably white) bookcase. If you don't have a sombrero or alligator head in your living room, what do guests where when they come over?

In other news, I got a chance to visit with my lovely granny this weekend and I regretted, as I always do, that my often ridiculous schedule makes it hard to see people I like, sometimes.

Later that weekend I purchased my first climbing harness, so I don't have to always borrow everyone's gear all the time. It's pale purple, and worn with my mint green climbing shoes sort of makes me look like pastel princess climbing barbie, which I'm totally into. There's really a dearth of girly girl outdoors stuff, and I'm starting to wonder if there's a niche out there for girly outdoorspeople who don't want to look like a patagonia ad all the time. (skorts don't count, patagonia)

A sweetheart commented about the sofas in the last post by mentioning that they used canvas drop cloths from the hardware store to cover up their sofas. Scanning all my local hardware stores has shown that they only carry beige speckled dropcloths, which are rustic and neutral and cheap. The conundrum is the typical neutral beige rental walls, slightly dingy beige rental carpet and blindingly white trim and new white curtains. I'm not sure it's going to work for me in this instance, but I'm keeping it on retainer.

Last but not least, the new roomie and I got some internets set up for the house again. Have you ever taken an internet break and then come back again? My brain can't even handle how much stuff there is to do, and look at, and it melted away. All of it. Eye candy created brain goo.

And with that, I'm out. Night ya'll.

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