Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Feeling Teal

I started painting my bedroom teal tonight after work, and then panicked and stopped after one wall. Yes, teal. Like, deep peacock feather greeny blue. I'm nearly convinced that it'd be a sexy cave if I did the whole thing, but right now I'm considering how a tiny, north facing bedroom with one central dome fixture may not need to be painted a color that is already eating all the existing light. We're heading into winter here, folks, which means less and less available light for that wall to suck all the way up. Considering painting an accent piece of furniture instead, since I adore the color....

So while I wait for my paint to dry and go back to Plan A,* I'm leaving you a picture from pinterest of a lovely teal room. (notice the heavy use of major white pieces in this room: not a coincidence.)

(*Plan A is to find a nice, neutral, relatively light reflecting color to paint my wee bedroom. I of course have no such color in mind or picked out. Why do things in the logical way when you could instead impulse purchase paint your brain knows is too dark but your heart yearns for?)

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