Friday, August 19, 2011

Decorating and Bad Design Decisions

My roomate from the past year and a half got a phd, a new job in Iowa and moved away. Besides missing the company, I'm missing the green micro suede sofa/loveseat and the beautiful accompanying handmade side tables, tv stand, and the tv.

So in a fit of decorating terror, I purchased a sofa/loveseat from the local thrift store and set them up in my house. They're cozy, they're perfectly sized, they match, they're in great condition, but....
they may be the weirdest color ever made. Mauve? Maroon? Pinkish? It's cute, it's totally girly, but unfortunately they appear to NOT coordinate with anything else. Ever. I want to have a grown-up living room again, but we appear to be quickly degrading into 1990 shabby chic, which I do love, but it's not exactly the boho modern 70's sexy shag-lounge of a living room I was originally shooting for.

So I bought a stack of gold frames, originally intending on painting them black or white, emptied out the glass and backs and slapped those on the wall over the sofa. And there I'm at a stand still. The new roomate has an art degree and opinions but seems to also be very polite and open to me doing whatever the h I want, thankfully, but no help there.

Anywho, would love some tips. Or for Anthropologie's curtains to start getting a little more budget friendly.

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  1. i would love to see a picture of your pink furniture....have you considered a slip cover? if you use canvas drop cloths from lows or home depo its fairly cheap ($13 or so each when i bought them four years ago) they are pretty big so i don't think it will take many...depending on the size of your couch. has tips for making all kinds of slip covers...just search the blog for slip covers...thats all i've got...i am sure whatever you do it will look good. how could it not?