Tuesday, July 19, 2011


And then I went and bought a polaroid camera. It had an empty film cartridge jammed in upside down, and that took some of the flesh from my knuckles and a spatula to remove, but it seems to be in otherwise exemplary condition.

I took it in to a camera store while still jammed and asked if they did repairs and dude was like, yeah, they don't really make those anymore. And I was like, for real? Surprise! (sorry camera dude, that was kinda the point....)

Then he tried to get the old film out and when he couldn't told me that the good news is that they don't even make film for them anymore. (good news? What's the point in a camera no one can use?) And then I said, oh yeah, somebody bought a polaroid factory so they could keep making it. Bam! Here's a random factoid that I know and you don't, snobby camera dude, they still make it! So there.

(If you really want to be surprised, check out polaroid film on ebay and amazon. $100-500 for a pack? Pass. ) To actually buy it, check out the impossible project's film or photojojo. Still pricey, not as bad as the old stuff.

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