Friday, June 3, 2011

Black and White Holga

I always carry a camera. Sometimes two. I figure I should post more photos because I take them, a lot of them. Here's some from my last roll of film, which was in my camera long enough that I'd forgotten it was black and white.

Aside: The heavily accented Italian woman at the photo counter asked if I was trying to go professional, because they were black and white, and I was all, did you look at these? (she totally did before handing them over, and she laughed at the funny ones of my face, because dude, I have a camera so that I can be the one pointing that thing. ) Plastic camera lenses aren't known for their particularly "pro" characteristics. And then she mentioned that Fanta, the soda I'd picked up in a glass bottle, was made in her country. So, that happened.

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