Monday, April 11, 2011

Sewing A Swimsuit

I recently stumbled back across some brown swimsuit fabric I'd squirrelled away for such a thing and it's got me thinking about producing a retro one piece from my stock of vintage swimsuit patterns. I've sewn knits before, but never anything quite so fitted or unforgiving, and it's got me terrified. I've been doing internet searches and my research is indicating that I may have to troll back down to JoAnn's and procure special stretch needles. And maybe a double needle for hems. I try to reassure myself that it can't be that hard, and that my mom made us swimsuits growing up.....Wish me luck!

Love this Diva-Kini. Genius.

Here's a few things I found helpful:
Creative Chicks at Play
10 Tips
About Pins and Needles
Spandex World. Awesome.

photo from Burda Style, free Alison pattern.

Update: Took a hard look at the thrifted chunk of fabric that I have and the paltry yard ($1 dollar's worth) may not be quite enough to do a ruched, intricate one piece. High waisted bikini, anyone?

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  1. Yes, you do need a needle with a ball point tip for knits so that it won't snag the fabric. Have fun!