Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Practically Instantaneous Pillowcase Half Slip/Skirt

I've been needing a short half slip to wear with all my summer dresses and skirts for about...a hundred years or so now. I have an embarrassing ratty white hand me down one that has been making do for far too long. That said, I couldn't swallow the price for what is essentially a cheap nylon tricot tube with lace at one end and elastic at the other. I hate nylon tricot, and cotton breathes, plus is cuter. Clearly, the solution was to get crafty.

But since I'm craft lazy, I wasn't going to carve one out these out from scratch. I used a pillowcase and left the hem in so all I had to do was add an elastic waist. To make your own, here's what I did:

1.- Cut pillowcase from stash in half, keeping the hemmed edge for use. For a longer one, you'll leave more pillowcase above your hem.

2.-Serge top edge, to finish it.

3.- Wrap underwear elastic around your waist, leaving enough room to overlap edges, cut. Sew into a circle.

4.-Divide your elastic circle and the serged top of your pillowcase into quarters, and pin together. You'll have to stretch your elastic to fit your pillowcase. Pin the whole thing.

5.-Zig zag stitch your elastic to the pillowcase, stretching as you go to make it fit.


The thrift store here sells pillowcases for $1 a piece and the elastic I got on sale at Joann's for .85 cents. I still have half a pillowcase left over for other crafting. Cheap thrills, people.

Notes: Clearly, this only works if you're small enough to fit into a pillowcase. The longer you make it, the more room you'd need for walking-meaning you may have to add in slits for movement. Would be really easy to just add a simple casing and thread an elastic through for simple toddler skirts. I even think a couple of them in different lengths layered together could be folksy and sweet.

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