Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Guess who's road tripping to Portland for President's Day weekend? (Where young people go to retire.) It's supposed to be a climbing trip, but I will probably be too busy eating at food carts, drinking bubble tea, visiting the coast (The ocean!) and scamming hipster's style to climb much.

p.s.-new show spoofing Portland, this preview for it was my favorite part. Watch the clips, skip the show unless you love SNL-like ackwardness.

p.p.s-Happy 300th post, me.

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  1. WARNING ANNOYING FAMILY BLIP! Uncle morgan lives somewhere in portland...if you need him i am sure he would be pleased to see you...THANK YOU FOR READING THIS WELL MEANT (SOMEWHAT MEDDLESOME) FAMILY BLIP. have a great time at the coast!