Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things that Must Be Home Made

I must be getting old and heading steadily downhill towards crotchety finickiness because the list of things that I would rather not eat if they are not home made is steadily growing. Birthday cake? Canned frosting? puh-lease. Tapioca, pudding. Lasagna, meatballs, marinara sauce. Any breakfast food. Vanilla ice cream. Most soups.

That said, I still pay money to have some things made for me. Creme brulee. Sushi. Thai or Indian food. Any sandwich? (so much work and ingredients for such little reward...)
What about you guys? What do you buy, and what would you rather (for convenience or ingredients or cost or whatever) have someone do for you?


  1. No restaurant or bakery measures up to well made homemade pie.

  2. That's because mama Weller makes such amazing pie. Still thinking about the time I had the chocolate cream pie. Oh my.