Monday, December 13, 2010

Pondering sometimes you say your retro high waisted pant is going on the back burner and then you have to run something into work and you just happen to drop by the thrift store where there's four yards of a mid weight denimy blue woven that would make nice breezy pants. So you buy it, and cut out your pattern, and sew them up. Now I have to finish the waist and the hem and consider patch pockets, but in the mean time......exactly how high-waisted is Too high waisted? Right now we're in the "empire waist" pant category which I'm not totally sold on. Thoughts?


  1. high waisted enough to where you like them, but the pants are not holding up the girls :)

  2. Ha! You guys are the best. Katie, I'm shaped like a dude, meaning I don't have a natural waist, just a slight dent between shoulder and hip. I always cheat it and go higher (belted) or lower (with really long tops.)