Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Natalie Portman+Short Hair

Made the mistake of googling "natalie portman short hair" today, and now the determination to grow my hair out is faltering. Guess who wants a faux-hawk?! Also want the hair of half the women on this list.

I keep telling myself that my ears will get cold and then I see a picture of keira knightley and I think about two minute showers or taking more time to apply eye makeup than do hair.

Resolving to get a trim and wear more red lipstick because that always cheers me up. Distraction feels like the answer in this case.

p.s.- This all was triggered by emma watson's new cute do.


  1. okay two things. you always look great with short hair(long too)and a faux-hawk has been on my list all summer...i'm just gathering the courage to take the leap!

  2. Do it! So easy! So fun! Although maybe wait until the warm weather because a cold neck is a sad neck, my friend.