Monday, November 22, 2010


This weekend was a good one, with me finishing my cape-coat-poncho-blanket thing in time to get bucket loads of snow. I finished it while the weather was nice and then wondered if I'd be too inhibited and chicken to wear it out. And then it snowed and snowed and snowed, and it turns out I'm not, and it makes me feel all sassy and cozy instead of bulky and stumpy. So, sewing win.

Then there was a wee kitty visitor, my roomate's sister's cat. At first I thought it was cute and funny and adorable, but then it tired me out with its constant moving and playing and barfing and harassing the other cats and I decided I wouldn't steal this tiny black one to round out my set, after all. Turns out I'm an old lady cat owner.

Saw the newest in the Harry Potter linup, and was a little let down. Anyone else? I know it's probably the least fun in the series, but I felt like it was missing the whimsy and magic of the others'. I predict that this section will be the least re-watched of all of the Potters. It was unendingly dark and tormented and slow moving and boring. Anyone else?


  1. I must see the finished cape modeled. Please oh please.