Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Upping the Cupcake Trailer

Remember this? The roving cupcake-serving trailer that I fell so in love with?

I've moved onto the Lodekka. Sorry, cupcake trailer. You couldn't compete with double decker, vintage laden adorable-ness. In Portland, no less. (Related: new life goal: start a roving business and rent the land it sits on. Cheap rent!)

You guys, it's a double decker bus converted to sell vintage clothing and accoutrement. It's dreamy. How could it not be? I've been sick for about two days with jealousy over this.

Read more about it here. Hint: she also sings in a retro-inspired band one of my hipper friends introduced me to about a year ago and I couldn't find again til this article. Surprise!

photo from facebook

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