Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I've been reading all through the back blog of Miss Pickering. It's made me dreadfully homesick for working with flowers, hers are exactly the style we were shooting for in the shop I briefly ran. Vintage containers, beautiful ribbon, locally grown, seasonal work. No gerbs, alstro or gyp - sign me up. She always talks about food, shoes, my favorite roses, red lipstick and her dog, so I keep secretly wondering to myself if she needs an assistant because what she's started is almost identical to the shop I've started in my head. I should totally be working in a british floral shop, yes?

My subconscious really grabbed this idea and ran with it, and I've now had two dreams of my flower shop being in this old Kings building downtown, which is dreadful and smelly and utterly lacking in any charm and hulkingly overlarge with a basement. Two dreams in I started wondering what some fresh paint and chandeliers would do to the place, ha.

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